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Order your treat for Valentine’s Day : 

C’est la Vie ! offers you beautiful cake for this time of the year. 


Galette des Rois ! King’s cake. 

Whereas Christmas and New Year’s Eve is all about oysters and foie gras, January 6th is all about the Galette des Rois (King’s Cake).
So what is a Galette des Rois?
It’s basically a frangipane tart made with pastry, butter, ground almonds and a few extra ingredients that will stretch the already bursting waistline for one final time before the January dieting begins.
Because the French love their culinary traditions and none more so than the Galette des Rois, which they scoff down on January 6th each year to mark the feast of the Epiphany — when the three kings (allegedly) turned up to give gifts to Baby Jesus.
The tradition of eating the cake dates back to the 14th century. According to tradition the cake was to draw the kings to the Epiphany.
A ‘fève‘ (originally a bean but now tends to be a plastic trinket) is baked inside the cake and the cake is shared around the table. Whoever receives the fève is then crowned king or queen for the day and has the much coveted opportunity of bossing the rest of the family about! That same person can also choose someone to be their king or queen.
According to tradition, the cake should be cut into as many slices as there are people present, plus 1 extra.
This extra slice is called either, the ‘part du Bon Dieu‘ (God’s slice), the ‘part de la Vierge‘ (the Virgin Mary’s slice) or the ‘part du pauvre‘ (poor man’s slice) and should be offered to the first poor person who pops in!
Don’t miss that !


C’est la Vie ! is a famous bakery located in Sarasota and over the years our catalog contains a large varieties of pastries, bread and viennoiseries. You will find below our selection.

We cater all your special event : wedding, baby shower or luncheon….



  • Croissant
  • Chocolate Croissant
  • Chocolate chip roll, apricot croissant or raisin roll
  • Almond Croissant
  • Brioche (plain, chocolate or raisin, individual or loaf


  • Pistaccio & almond bar  or Lemon & almond bar
  • Berry or Apple crumble
  • Coconut Rocher (GLUTEN FREE) 
  • Palmier (elephant ear)
  • Apple Strudel
  • Brownie with chocolate chip roll or walnut
  • Chocolate fondant
  • Bread Pudding
  • Raspberry linzer tart
  • Beignet
  • Madeleine
  • Meringue (GLUTEN FREE) 
  • Macaron (large selection : chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, coconut, passion fruit,…) (GLUTEN FREE) 


  • Baguette : White |  Wheat | Old fashion | Cereal
  • Loaf : bacon | olive | walnut | wholewheat | Rye | Cereal | White | Onion
  • Custom bread available (more than 1 pound)  for your special event : Wedding, birthday or baby shower.


2. Fine pastries cakes & tarts (individual or whole) for your special event (wedding, baby shower…) ! 


  • Almond tart
  • Pear & Almond tart
  • Fresh fruit tart (over a pastry cream)
  • Strawberry tart (over an almond cake)
  • Peach & pistaccio tart
  • Normandy tart (buttery apple mixed with cream and a touch of calvados)
  • Traditional apple tart ( over a pastry cream)
  • Walnut  & caramel tart
  • Baked fruit tart (over a pastry cream)
  • Paris-Brest ( puff pastry with hazelnut cream)
  • Saint Honoré ( sugar dough tart with whipped cream, puff pastry caramelized and filled with custard)
  • Tropézienne ( light vanilla cream inside a brioche dough topped with caramelized almonds)
  • Flan plain or with apricot  (baked vanilla custard)


  • Royal (Chocolate mousse cake on feuilletine praliné and almond biscuit)
  • 3 Chocolate cake (dark, milk and white chocolate mousse on a flourless biscuit)  (GLUTEN FREE) 
  • Chocolate Orange Mousse (dark chocolate mousse with orange confit) (GLUTEN FREE) 
  • Carnot (Almond biscuit under a chocolate and vanilla mousse topped with a caramelized cream chibouste) 
  • BlackForrest  (chocolate sponge cake light cream and cherries)
  • Opera (Coffee mousse and dark chocolate ganache)
  • Venise (Almond milk mousse, raspberry preserve and pistachio cake)
  • Sunlight (Raspberry  mousse and passion fruit mousse on a thin sponge cake)
  • Fraisier (light mousseline vanilla cream with thin sponge cake and fresh strawberries)
  • Napoleon (puff pastry and cream)
  • C’est la Vie ! ( hazelnut cake over a brownie with nuts topped with chocolate milk mousse cake) Pistaccio & almond bar  or Lemon & almond bar

Reservations Dinner C’est la Vie ! University Park | Lakewood Ranch

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C’est La Vie Downtown Sarasota 941.906.9575
• Mon-Thu 7:30am-6pm (kitchen closes at 3pm) and Fri-Sat 7:30am-9:30pm (kitchen closes at 9:30pm), dinner served 5:15pm-9:30pm, Sunday brunch : 8:30am – 4:30pm ( kitchen closes at 3:30pm)
• breakfast and lunch and Catering 
• Downtown Sarasota, 1553 Main St, FL 34236
• authentic French restaurant, bakery, café

C’est La Vie University Park | Lakewood Ranch 941.355.2323
• Mon-Tue 8:30am-5pm (kitchen closes at 4:30pm) , Wed-Sunday 8:30am to 9pm (kitchen closes at 8:30pm), live music every evening
• breakfast, Sunday Brunch, lunch, dinner and Catering 
• Shoppes at UTC, 8527 Cooper Creek Blvd, University Park, FL 34201
• email:
• authentic French restaurant & bakery

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